May Wild Humans Everywhere Be Wild and Free

Keep Your Wild Human Phunk Alive

This is what I know. This wild human life is alive. No matter what the circumstances, our wild human lives are begging to be celebrated, and cultivated to greater depths and higher vibrations, even when we struggle to hold on to sanity and serenity. I won't let the postmodern insanity in all aspects of life get me down. Not for long, anyway.

I know these things while I'm feeling bathed in the light of love, and I'm living a well-loved life. My challenge is to connect the illuminated high points like dots on a map, across the terrains of darkness that I go through, and to be a beacon of light for myself and others, while going through that darkness. I think of it like a mental map I can show to someone on the same kind of journey, to help them survive and find their way home, too. And I can offer a wild human template to show them what is possible.

When life is turbulent, how can we reclaim the miracles of our wild human life? Embrace it and celebrate it and empower what we want to amplify and solidify. We take a breath, we step up, we bite into it, and we love it as it is. Sometimes it's sweet in the mouth and sour in the stomach, sometimes its sour in the mouth and sweet in the stomach.

Think about all the garbage we have to process in modern life, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We have to process it in all directions, from it's creation to it's decay and eventual recreation. Maybe it's time for an attitude adjustment or a major overhaul. Reduce, reuse and recycle in ALL ways on ALL levels. As old circumstances fade away, make good choices aligned with who you really are, be good and live good and bring in good. Live organic, eat organic, love organic, think organic. And when garbage comes in, find a good way to treat it and get it out of your life.

Maybe...maybe not. Life has darkness, and so I believe it serves some valuable function for growth and change. We can't get rid of it. It's part of the design and the balance of life itself. We can handle how we receive it and react to it, I think. Eventually master it by degrees, anyway. And then integrate it into the wild human tapestry of our wild human lives.

Every day in every way, everything in the world is simultaneously dying and coming alive. Which aspect do you focus on, as a wild human? I focus on both. Do you see the dying and the coming alive in your home, your clothes, your transportation, your friends and their lives, your thoughts and dreams, all of it? Now isn't that something? The rose is in the garbage, and the garbage is in the rose. Interdependent coexistence of light and dark, good and bad, wild and tame, free and imprisoned, beautiful and ugly, happy and unhappy, all of it.

Hmmm. Quite amusing and interesting when you aren't too attached. Quite agonizing and emotional when you are. Great Spirit must be extraordinary to have created all of this, to allow it and sustain it to continue, and to love and to care about every molecule in Creation. Just think about that.

How can you as a wild human create a heritage for yourself, based on values of celebration and reverence of life as it is, including and embracing all of it? How can we make choices so that we smell, touch, taste and feel what is balanced, healthy and just, even while system-busting and subverting the dominant paradigms? Or even while dealing with unevolved people with no appreciation of our wild humanness?

Reverence. Like poetry in motion as wild human life. The essence of wild human life. Hitchhiker poetry. Outlaw poetry. Down in the blues poetry. Wilderhumans uniting in the woods poetry. The poetry is life itself. Sometimes written down, sometimes sung, sometimes acted out. In reverence. Spiral slacker, gutterpunk, neotribalistic, green anarchistic, hip hop spoken word, insane buddhist, peaceful native american, seasoned elder, fearless youngster, poetic reverence.

Embracing all of it, including the pain and the scars. Those details of the poetry give the wild human story of your life character and depth. Even the shame and the dying and the apparent failures and shortcomings. All of it is heroic. All of it makes me cry and shout with joy at the same time. My soul has a thousand tattoes about the adventures I've experienced so far, and my mind is covered with the grafiti that tells the stories...

Wild human reverence is big enough to fit around both the beauty and the hell of this world. It's also small enough to fit in your pocket. By carrying wild human reverence with you, you can stay awake and aware and creative in how you relate with what shapes your world. When I am upset, I go hide up in the treetops and remember who I am and what my wild human life is about, and I embrace it. I step slowly and carefully when crossing such terrain, so as not to get hurt too badly, and as soon as the coast is clear, I run and smile and be happy again. Such is life.

How you do anything is how you do everything. So what about that? Hmm? When YOU get overwhelmed, angry, apathetic, lost in the insanity, who and what helps you to relight your wild human fire? How do you increase your capacity to self-ignite and electrify yourself to life again? Sometimes I feel like I'm crossing the Swamp of Neverending Sadness and if I give in to it, it will suck me down and under. Only then will the enemy have won. So on I go, streaming tears and thunder struck with grief sometimes. Eventually, I come up the bank and into the forest and life is ok again.

The secret is to keep your wild human spirit IN MOTION. Your spirit needs to have actions that are relevant, meaningful and somehow significant, however small. Like grafiti that says "THIS IS VANDALISM FOR IT'S OWN SAKE".. This is Wild Human Life FOR ITS OWN SAKE and no other. Ha!

WAKE UP. RISE UP. LIVE!!!! Face your challenges and opportunities by rooting down deep into your wild human peace. If you don't have wild human peace, then strive to find it or create it. It will soothe you in the darkest times and help you to exude your truth. Carry it into all your taproots and branches and leaves and seeds and fruit. A tree is known by it's fruit. Send your roots deep into the earth and reach your branches up into the sky and make your wild human fruit juicy and soulful.

Be a home for all kinds of wild creatures. I'm in love with the family of racoons that live in my yard and tall trees. A mom, dad and three beautiful babies. They look like a cross between a cat, a ferret and a koala bear. They are fascinating, so intelligent and aware and beautiful like bandits with their face masks, climbing face first down those tall trees, hiding in the v-crooks watching me as I watch them. Wow.

When your wild human self awakens to another day, remember to define and refine your conscious actions and attitudes, and bring a little attention to the unconscious ones. Choose your habits and have-to-do's with all the conscious intention you can muster!!! Take time to wake up, at least an hour or two--be alone with your coffee and the breeze so that your thoughts can settle and you can "get into character" to face the day if necessary--" character" is the you that you wish to become and to be, or it's who you are before the world imposes it's paradigms on you.

In this time of humanity's great transitions and changings, wild humans are not to be afraid to shine. Like the light of the world. Like a beacon down a dark trail guiding pilgrims home to what is real and what has value and meaning for those with whom it resonates. So many souls need it and long for it. I receive letters every day that show me this.

We've got to keep our wild human phunk alive as we compost this dominant paradigm of conspicuous consumption, hierarchy and power, demand and waste, distraction and meaninglessness, disconnection and acrimony. In it's place, we wild humans grow a fertile culture of connection with the Earth, with each other, with Spirit, with our true selves. We express this in our relationships with ourselves, our people, our places, our values, our choices.

Be beautiful, be free, be true to your wild human self, and be blissed, because you are.

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