May Wild Humans Everywhere Be Wild and Free

About Us

The Wild Human Cyberstore is a project of the Wild Human Initiative.

My name is Kiyonah Thundersong, and I am the founder and focalizer.

My passion and my purpose are to provide you with items to equip you for a wild human lifestyle, and to generate an income stream for the other projects and programs of the Wild Human Initiative.


Equipping yourself with nice things empowers your identity as a wild human.

You are whole and complete as you are, 

yet embellishing your life with nice things like these can make your life feel so much more awesome.

If you live a life of voluntary simplicity, like I do, then you realize that, if you can only own a few things, those things should be well made, attractive, and have a positive energy.

If you don’t currently need to buy anything, please feel free to peruse the Collections, to electrify your mind and to inspire you.


The point of making these conscious buying choices is to craft a conscious life for yourself, that honors your authentic wild humanity.


The next step on the wild human path is to make everything for yourself, by hand. As my store evolves, I will provide many items to help empower that.


Please note that I currently use the drop shipping model to stock our cyber store. Delivery times could take longer than you might expect. For example, items from Canada are not usually mass produced. When the supplier receives the order, then the item is made and shipped, so this can add on some time. I greatly appreciate your understanding and patience in those situations. I care about you and your experience, so I want you to feel free to contact me at any time, and I will offer my support to resolve your issues to the absolute best of my ability.

We are designing our own line of merchandise, and so, you can look forward to seeing Wild Human products soon.

I am calling on wild human-style artists, to design logos, hand blown glass, pottery and screen-print art.

My profits are a form of income generation, to fund the Wild Human Retreat, located in Madison County, North Carolina, and to fund my lifestyle as it’s founder and focalizer.

I greatly appreciate you and your purchases.

Please feel free to join us on Facebook.


I warmly invite you to join our Wild Human Cyber Tribe, by visiting us on Facebook, or most any other social media platform.

Thank you, take care and take it easy. Peace and blessings!


Kiyonah Thundersong

Founder and Focalizer

The Wild Human Initiative


These are the Vision and Mission Statements of The Wild Human Initiative
Our passion and our purpose is to help awaken and empower people to discover their true wild human selves.
We promote both traditional and contemporary human life ways, that embody neotribalism, economadism, green anarchism, and rewilding within modern life.
We intend in our activities to address the following needs:
    to provide charitable relief to people in need by
    addressing their needs  as they define them; 
    to build a sense of safe community;
    to advocate experiential learning and social networking;
    and to further the philosophies and practices of Wild Humanism.

    We intend to provide certain people in need with opportunities to experience life in a small, neotribal, anarchistic setting (a Wild Human Retreat), resulting in some degree of personal empowerment and cultural transformation.
    The benefit comes from being insulated for awhile from the stresses of modern life, and from having time and space to decompress from the resulting traumas, and recalibrate to your natural resonance.

    The mission of The Wild Human Initiative is to provide people with enriching experiences of living in connection, of having a love based relationship with nature and the world, in a variety of settings, both urban and rural, as well as to offer opportunities to learn unique skills, increase self worth, make good friends, and encourage personal growth. 
    We intend to empower people to make realistic, positive decisions, in actual wilderness and urban settings, while discovering what it means to live in a context of neotribal community, and to respect the Earth, other people, and themselves. 
    Ultimately, the mission of The Wild Human Initiative is to be a viable part of the solutions to the problems plaguing humanity and the natural world at this time. In short, we intend to help create a healthier world, by promoting ancient pathways to healing and awakening.