May Wild Humans Everywhere Be Wild and Free

Way of the Wild Human

  • Rewilding Your Life

    Rewilding Your Life Rewilding is the process of returning to a more natural or wild state. It's the process of undoin...
  • Alternatives to Mainstream Living

    So you feel you are a wild human. And you wish to align your lifeways with your beliefs. Here are some of my suggestions for walking your talk, so you too can aspire to rewild yourself, create personal empowerment, encourage cultural transformation, cultivate communion with the Creator in your inner life, and build grassroots community in your outer life, which will endow you with that basic sense of joy emanating from awareness and expression of your own wild humanism.
  • Who We Are and What We Do

    We're free-thinking wild humans, working together to build grassroots community networks, subvert the dominant paradigms, do our part to create positive social change, and live the dreams. We aspire to empower each other with profitable cottage industries, so we can fund our efforts to rescue people from what we call Babylon, which we hope to dismantle and reconstruct into healthier and happier forms.

  • Return of the Wild Human Tribe Vibe

    As we grow together, we grow as individuals, learning to create, empower and perceive life from our hearts and minds. We must be able to perceive the miracles we wish to create. That's why it's so important for all of us to have our focus on neotribal consciousness.
  • Keep Your Wild Human Phunk Alive

    Wake up. Rise up. Live.
    Remember who you really are, and
    keep your wild human phunk alive.