May Wild Humans Everywhere Be Wild and Free

Return of the Wild Human Tribe Vibe

We are now breaking ground on all of our endeavors. And as we begin to consciously perceive our future, we must reharmonize our entire phamily into the tribal vibe. Through our connections with one another, we can come together as a true force for the survival of our species.

As we grow together, we also grow as individuals, learning to create, empower and perceive life from our hearts and minds. We must be able to perceive the miracles we wish to create. That's why it's so important for all of us to have our focus on collective consciousness.

Together as a movement, we WILL make the difference we are working to create. Life teaches us that if we wish to succeed, then we must be open to divine opportunity. I believe we are on that path, and now we are to conceive and create it together. We are all vital parts in the success of our inspiration. Each wild human is as valuable as the other and the next.

I want to ask all of you to focus on what we feel that makes us wild. What within our hearts and minds makes us evolve towards our collectively wild human nature? For me, it's a desire to belong to a phamily, a tribe, a heritage, and to evolve toward true consciousness and love. What is it for you?

Why do we wish to create harmony? What must we do to create it? For me, I believe that life is good when it's harmonious and aligned with natural truth. To create it, we must align our thoughts and perceptions with our choices and actions, in such a way that harmony is created. Harmony is about safety, security and stability for everyone, even in challenging situations.

What causes us to be so individually different, yet somehow the same? I feel that the Creator is an artistic genius who loves variety, so it made each one of us unique, yet following the same blueprint of archetypes and emotional experiences. We each experience the Journey of the Hero. There is strength in unity, and our individual differences make for a beautiful shield against mediocrity and apathetic futility..

How can we get wild humanism to be visible out there in the Mind at Large, so that other like-minded people can embrace and the reach of our tribe will grow? Anything good  to increase the consciousness and the urge to activate.

I love you all with tribal solidarity, and I hope we can get together soon and council about what our true initiatives and dreams are, and figure out how as a tribe we can obtain all of them. You are my phamily, and you embody my hopes and dreams. I appreciate each one of you. I love and respect all who choose the wild human path. We are the shanti sena of our own lives,  and the protectors of truth.

I believe in our efforts and our dreams. Have faith in miracles, for belief is 99 percent of all creation. I believe in a free world without ignorance and perpetual fear. I believe in our responsibility in the coming years, with the falling of Babylon, to bond together in a tribal and communal spirit, to rise above the faulty aspects of humanity and embody love and harmony and peace and justice. I believe in our ability to teach our children to perceive the hard lessons with wisdom and compassion, so that they will learn from the past and move our culture forward into evolution, empowerment and transformation.

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